Thursday, July 31, 2014
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An e-mail phishing scam was detected by First Financial Bank.  It involves sending an e-mail to customers notifying them of "unauthorized activities and attacks on our network servers."

Please be advised the data maintained by First Financial Bank has not been compromised. This e-mail is a phishing attempt made by individuals attempting to steal personal information. The web site is also identifying this wave of e-mails as phishing attempts.

Below is a copy of the e-mail that you may receive:

                        >Subject: Validate Your First Financial Bank Account
                        >Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 00:07:44 +0100 (CET)
                        >Dear First Financial Online Banking customer,
                        >Due to the recent unauthorized activities and attacks
                        >on our network servers we believe that some of our data
                        >being stored on those servers have been compromised.
                        >For security reasons, you are asked to cooperate and
                        >give minimal effort to increase the security of all
                        >First Financial Online Banking customers and update
                        >your profile with logging to your online banking account
                        >and reviewing your recent account activities such as
                        >withdrawals and deposit. If you find any unauthorized
                        >activities, please inform First Financial Bank staff as
                        >soon as you can.
                        >Please click on the following link to start updating and
                        >reviewing your

                        >If your refuse to cooperate and update your profile, you
                        >account will be temporarily unavailable until we update
                        >our servers.
                        >Thank you for your cooperation and for choosing us.
                        >(c) 2006 Online Resources Corporation

Remember, First Financial Bank employees will not ask you for your User ID or password. If you are unsure about an e-mail or a request you receive on the internet, please contact customer service at 817-410-2930 to verify the authenticity of the request.

Phishing scams are becoming more realistic and clever, so do not assume an authentic looking e-mail and web site is sufficient. Always be on guard and call us if you are unsure about a request. We will be happy to take your call.

For more information about Phishing - click here.

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