Thursday, July 31, 2014
Treasury Management
Overnight Investments
Treasury Management
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Overnight Investments

Overnight Investments, also called Repurchase Agreements, maximize your operating funds by literally putting every available dollar to work [either covering your expenses or producing income]. These overnight investments present no time obligations, are highly liquid, and are fully collateralized by government securities. Because the process is automated, you save the valuable time required to manage your daily cash flow.

Repurchase Agreements are perfect for larger businesses and organizations that maintain a high cash balance.

How Repurchase Agreements Work

Managing your business' cash position could not be easier. While your Repurchase Agreement is busy working for you, your day-to-day operations are business as usual. You simply continue to write checks against and make deposits to your commercial checking account. Each day, First Financial Bank leaves the minimum amount of funds required in your checking account to cover all checks presented for the business day. Your remaining cash is automatically swept into overnight investments where it can earn interest income. If the amount of checks presented for payment happens to exceed your account balance, investment funds are simply swept back to your account to cover the presented items.

Make Every Dollar Count

By sweeping funds from your commercial checking account into overnight investments, all of your money is put to work either covering your checks or earning interest.

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